Meet the Team


Dan Gorbunow, AMT - Chair, Board Director, Executive Director

"In the Seven Feathers program, Dan exhibits a natural, yet masterful ability to lead healing circles that integrates all traditions." - Andy M.

​Dan is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist strategy, philosophy, martial arts; skilled in Eastern bodywork, experienced as a storyteller, drummer, initiator and mentor program leader. He is dedicated to bridging traditions and facilitating personal, family, and community healing. Dan is a recognized helper, warrior, and advisor on the Red Road of Native American spirituality, Dagara (West African) rituals, Celtic mystery practices, and in ancestral healing, communication and reconciliation. Dan works as chaplain for the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services, at state dual recovery centers, since 2009 when the first Warrior Healing Circle of Seven Feathers was introduced. He is a traditional-holistic healer since 1993.

Jeff Weins Heinsohn, LADC, CPCC - Vice-Chair, Board Director

Jeff is an experienced LADC and program manager who brings a background in martial arts, yogic philosophy, and 30 years on the Red Road to aid patients on their journey to authenticity and balance in recovery.

Tom Houle - Secretary, Board Director

Tom retired from the Executive team of Kraft/Nabisco in 2009, where he led the Consumer Insight & Strategy function.  In retirement he was a Leadership Partner with the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces, at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, until his move to the Twin Cities in 2021.  He has also volunteered in Hospice.

His avocation has long been personal development, men’s work and group facilitation.  He has been a very active member of the ManKind Project since 1998 and is an advocate for Social Justice and Indigenous Rights.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.

Michael Fingerlin - Treasurer, Board Director

Michael is a finance and financial systems analyst and avid wilderness adventurer. His career has exposed him to financial functions from accounting, reporting and analysis, to cost/driver based budgeting. With a strong interest and aptitude for technology, he has participated in the selection and implementation of multiple enterprise financial systems including training, policy and procedure development and maintenance automation.

Outside of work Michael is a loving father to two teenage girls and finds his centering energy and solitude in exploring the wilderness parks of the BWCA and northern Ontario.

Michael served several terms on the Harrison Neighborhood Association board including membership to the Community Safety and Basset Creek Redevelopment committees.

Rebecca Ann ChiefEagle - Board Director

Rebecca Ann ChiefEagle is the co-founder of All Nations Gathering Center on the Oglala Lakota Sioux Reservation where people of all generations and directions are welcome to come for understanding and healing. Through ceremony and earth-centered arts, she is dedicated to helping humanity understand indigenous ways so they can transform, mature, and succeed.

Paul McCollum, LADC - Board Director

Paul is a motivated and inspired substance abuse counselor presently working with Native Amercian men at Juel Fairbanks Treatment Center in St. Paul. He lends his personal experience and work to create space for others to discover the light that is hidden in the shadows of their addictions, and to seek alternative forms of healing for those whom are willing to see things differently.

Joshua Flores - Board Director

Joshua is a recovery artist and spiritually-motivated leader and public speaker. He brings a heartfelt warmth and many years of experience struggling with addiction in his personal journey of healing, success and discovery.

Brian Casey - Board Director

​Brian Casey is an author, health educator, and director of his agency’s Employee Assistance Program. He has a degree in Health Education from the University of Minnesota and over thirty-five years of experience working as a paramedic, EMS Educator, and police officer. His skills include developing peer support teams, building and maintaining trust with public safety workers, and promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. His latest book, Ambulance Man, is an exciting and inspiring story of resilience.

Larry Quist - Elder, Advisor

​Larry is an artist and musician. He plays African flute and hand drum. He is a people person, inspired and grounded by his connections to family and friends. Larry brings elder wisdom and dedication in service to the community through his presence and commitment.

Michael Obsatz - Board Advisor

Mike is a Professor Emeritus, from Macalester College. He taught Sociology and Education courses at Macalester for 40 years. Also, he was a therapist in private practice, men's group leader, boy's group leader, workshop presenter, and author. His book, "Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World" won the 1999 Minnesota Book Award and the Catholic Press Association Award. His other books are "Open Our Eyes," "Healing Our Anger," and "From Stalemate to Soulmate." Mike's documentary about mentoring boys called "Journeyman" won two film festival awards, and has been seen by over 3 million people.


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Board Advisor - Lyn Burton
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Walton Stanley - Educator & Facilitator

​Walton Stanley is a writer and storyteller living in Minnesota, USA. Walton has held a life-long interest in myth, story, and in the transformative power of the paradigms and stories in which we live. He has been a storyteller at the Minnesota Men's Conference (founded by poet Robert Bly).
Walton started his career as an actor and has a degree in theater from Northwestern University. He is currently working on a book on humankind’s oldest written story: Gilgamesh. The book is a mythic examination of the story showing it to be a foundational myth of civilization that presages our current ecocidal tendencies.

Tom Weaver

​Tom is an elder, father of two grown sons, visionary founder of Wopida Group LLC in 2006. The Wopida, Training and Service Group is an association of entrepreneurial spirits who support each other in creating ecologically sustainable businesses that are led by missions of integrity and value.” He has 42 years of experience of connecting to spirit in Wichasa Ska Inipi, “White Man’s re-birthing circles, AKA 12 step recovery community”.

An 11th step practice he enjoys sharing is the mystical aliveness that arises with the breath, as ego dissolves to listen to our higher source, (Tibetan Bon Meditation). Tapping into our inner refuge of being - practicing the three doors, stillness of body, silence of voice and spaciousness of our mind, knowing we have a place of service through gentle listening here on Earth. Weaving stories, connecting and supporting and being with Unci Maka, (Mother Earth), now during her great turning, as auntie Dr. Joanna Macy names it.

Future visions include: integrating local indigenous languages with embodied spiritual practices with a growing community who share their passion for life, possibilities of new beginnings in ecotravel, languages and connection to earth centered spirituality while sharing in our suffering in a good way to support life – AND with a rainbow sense of humor. Let’s share the gifts of compassion, serenity, loving joy, gratitude and the equanimity of healthy generosity empowering connections with all our relations as we expand our consciousness to the mystery inside us all.