Seven Feathers Society

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Tired of the usual programming? Step into the unusual with a deep dive into personal work and dynamic community experiences, by expert guides, mentors, and instructors dedicated to help you achieve your best.

Warrior Healing Circles and Skills Seminars: Local wisdom keepers invite you to explore interesting topics and practical knowledge, and to discover the secrets of success and sustainable well-being.

Storytelling and Facilitated Discussions: Dedicated storytellers and teachers offer explorations of mythology, ancestral wisdom, spiritual traditions, and health practices to help you access your own narrative and connection to purpose.

Self-Mastery training, and the Personal Excellence in Recovery Award: Successful leaders and experienced mentors are present to honor your courage and determination when you step into the  process, transform your energy and reclaim your spirit!

Sober-Clean Warrior Certification: Veterans of recovery assist you on your path of achievement; peer support and networking opportunities offer you connections in a healthier, safe community.

Holistic Development: Experienced practitioners and students in yoga, meditation, martial arts exercises, and philosophy are here to help you develop yourself mind-body-heart and spirit.

Holistic Healing: Experienced professionals and dedicated healers offer you deep tissue bodywork, pressure point therapy and detox acupuncture on-site to assist you to purify, recover energy and repair imbalances.

Nutritional Guidance: Experienced chefs offer you healthy meal demonstrations and skill training, to show you how to prepare delicious, cost-saving meals. Great food for mind-body-spirit is part of what we do!

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The Seven Feathers Society thrives because of our community.

Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated! Thank you for ensuring that high quality alternative approaches to healing and recovery are available for all who desire to paprticipate!

Your dollars make a difference! Your tax-deductible donation supports Sober-Clean Warriors to experience direct learning and healing services, to make a more healthy and connected society. Receive a thank you, a testimonial, and a quarterly update.

• About •

Seven Feathers Society, Inc.

is a non-profit tax exempt corporation (501c3) assisting individuals and communities recovering from substance use disorders, addiction, trauma, and chronic dysfunction, by providing holistic wellness education and services, in-depth peer support, healthy food and lifestyle experiences, wisdom-based ritual and spiritual education.

• Mission •

Mission Statement

The Mission of Seven Feathers Society, Inc. is to mentor, initiate, and support Sober-Clean Warriors, people of all races, creeds, genders, ages, and backgrounds who are on a path of deep healing and recovery, by way of spiritual education, holistic health, fellowship, and wisdom practices.

Seven Feathers Society creates dynamic experiences that engage and evolve people, helping them to reframe and deepen their experience, thus keeping them motivated and active in recovery and long-term healing. We offer high value support to people determined to succeed.


For more info, updates, or questions, or to register for circle training or events, please send your contact details.

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