Previous Programs and Achievements

Sober-Clean Warrior Camp-Us
September-November 2021

Seven Feathers Society conducted successful events in late summer and fall of 2021, including volunteer opportunities in community and at Sacred Heart Warrior, the pop-up site we created in St. Paul. We raised over 10k and had over 100 participants in 8 events. We networked with other nonprofits and built a connection of allies and partners. 

Sacred Heart Warrior offered a place to do our "work" for men in recovery who are serious about evolving, learning, and finding their edge! The camp-us included an all-season longhouse, kitchen, fire pit, purification lodge, warrior healing circle, and more!

We showed up, and the local community responded very positively.  Local artists, passersby, bikers and hikers, law enforcement, business owners, all reached out with smiles and gestures of support and lasting connection, curious about the camp-us structures and our activities. We made a durable impact that will grow and continue. Here are some photos and video from August-November 2021 from Seven Feathers Society activities:

Sober-Clean Warrior Flyer - We offered a complimentary program for participants to test out our model. It was a success for 17 men participating over our first weekend.

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