Meet the Director

Executive Director

Dan Gorbunow, AMT - Chair, Board Director, Executive Director

"In the Seven Feathers program, Dan exhibits a natural, yet masterful ability to lead healing circles that integrates all traditions." - Andy M.

​Dan is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist strategy, philosophy, martial arts; skilled in Eastern bodywork, experienced as a storyteller, drummer, initiator and mentor program leader. He is dedicated to bridging traditions and facilitating personal, family, and community healing. Dan is a recognized helper, warrior, and advisor on the Red Road of Native American spirituality, Dagara (West African) rituals, Celtic mystery practices, and in ancestral healing, communication and reconciliation. Dan works as chaplain for the State of Minnesota, Department of Human Services, at state dual recovery centers, since 2009 when the first Warrior Healing Circle of Seven Feathers was introduced. He is a traditional-holistic healer since 1993.