Method & Philosophy

Seven Feathers Wisdom

Seven Feathers path of wellness

"Healing comes when the individual remembers his or her identity, the purpose chosen in the world of ancestral wisdom, and reconnects with that world of Spirit."     -Malidoma Somé

Exploring Seven Feathers is an ongoing discovery of self, and of recreating healthier ways of being by examining and mending the vital relationships and choices that help us to grow, transform, recover, and heal from trauma and addictions. Always beginning within, we see that our challenges and conflicts offer a chance to claim personal responsibility and increase the freedom and control we have over our lives.

The "Sober-Clean (or Wellness) Warrior" is recognized as one who is willing to face the shadows within self, family, society and nature. We can equip ourselves with the warriors' virtues and ways of being, to help overcome any resistance to evolve.  We free up energy that can be redirected to healing, and renew our own cycle of life by improving awareness and choices.

The Seven Feathers are: Self, Family, Elders, Leadership, Standing Up, Mending, and Encouragement. These are explored in the weekly or monthly Warrior Healing Circle,   and in weekend intensives and workshops.

Warrior Healing Circle

Warrior Healing Circle in action

We convene the Warrior Healing Circle with spirit, intention, and dedication to honesty and willingness to do our "inner work".  Along the way, personal effort is honored as a community act of service,  and new skills are cultivated.

Each person brings what is sacred to them, and all creeds and viewpoints are welcome -  the common rules are respect, confidentiality, and staying present.

The circle is a living symbol of transfiguration. In the Celtic spiritual tradition, the community circle acts as a "cauldron" or cup that is able to successfully invite, receive, witness, release, transfer energy, move with sudden and radical purposefulness, and bless all that is put into it from our hearts and essence.

The Warrior Healing Circle is where the wisdom of Seven Feathers ignites the healing potential of community. The Warrior Healing Circle can be introduced into any current program or facility as a supplemental activity. It can be viewed as a spiritual resource and support for the overall goals.

Elders, Mentors, Initiation

Re-membering Elders honors all of us

We re-member the vital role of elders, our wisdom keepers and mentors who provide us with guidance, accountability, and spiritual presence that support our willingness to "go deep" and overcome any obstacles. Our elders also bless our victories and changes, no matter how big or small.

Elders remind us that life's difficult terrain has been well-trodden by ancestors that have succeeded in similar or harder challenges. They call on those who have gone before to help us, and to see that our own process is sacred and meaningful, even playful.

Our greatest challenges present spiritual - physical - emotional rites of passage. By and by, we are becoming self-responsible, spiritually mature beings. Some roads we may have to take alone, and others require that we call on our allies.

Seven Feathers offers initiatory experiences in the circle by personal adjustments to psyche and in setting positive goals and affirmations. Additionally, youth programs can be greatly enhanced with sustainable mentoring, elder connection, and rites of passage processes that can mark a significant change of course for all participants.