Seven Feathers Society, Inc.

is a non-profit tax exempt corporation (501c3) assisting individuals and communities recovering from substance use disorders, addiction, trauma, and chronic dysfunction, by providing holistic wellness education and services, in-depth peer support, healthy food and lifestyle experiences, wisdom-based ritual and spiritual education. The system of healing methods and traditions is summarized as the Sober-Clean Warrior, a path of healing, insight, recovery, and service.

Sober-Clean Warrior path: Circle, Certifications, and Service

The Sober-Clean Warrior model and related teachings and practices are explored in the Warrior Healing Circle.  Participation in the circle builds and supports a foundation of healthy self-care and connection to personal spiritual or energy practices. The circle is a doorway to Sober-Clean Warrior Certification. Certification is honored as proof of personal growth and dedication to sustainable recovery and long-term healing, and to developing a personal brand of service, mission, and purpose. There are three levels of Certification available in the Sober-Clean Warrior Path.

Warrior Healing Circle -   a facilitated peer support group, offering in-depth discussions and interesting topics: multi-cultural philosophy, lifestyle and adjustment strategies, inner parenting  and self-coaching education, self-responsibility and cognitive behavioral strategies, spiritual education and practical skills such as mindfulness practice and visualization techniques, and much more!

"The Warrior Circle is my favorite group, I get so much out of this and look forward to it every week. It's the best part of my program!" - Scott M.

Sober-Clean Warrior Certification - Certification is a positive achievement that recognizes willingness, consistency, and focus in the Circle, and includes a process of Accountability that helps individuals to re-frame their life experiences into concrete language, actions, and choices. A minimum of ten hours of Circle participation is required to earn Certification Level I.

"I have never earned a certificate before the Sober-Clean Warrior Certificate. It's a great day today. I already feel like a different person, like a great weight is off of my back. I have more energy." - Raymond G.

Sober-Clean Warrior Certification II (Initiation) - initiation, or level II certification, is a further step in the path of Sober-Clean Warrior development, and includes the completion of a tactical self-help plan and "emotional toolkit" that individuals create and share with the group. A minimum of 20 hours of Circle participation, and a ceremonial lodge fire process, is required to earn Certification Level II - Initiation.

"Seven Feathers' Accountability process and earning the [Sober-Clean] Warrior Certificate is the most important thing I have ever done in treatment." - Tim S.

Leadership Certification (Level III) - is a recognition of an individual's achievement as an outstanding peer support, for being an ally and help to others in recovery, and for demonstration of fulfillment of key personal goals in recovery. A minimum of 20 hours of Circle participation, plus letters of recommendation from at least one peer and one advisor are required to earn the Leadership Certification (Level III).

Media and Outreach

  • Media and Online Programs - Warrior Dan presentations on YouTube Channel from Warrior Vox Media, and an online support group via Zoom Conferencing www.warriorvox.com
  • Seven Feathers Society Handbook of the Sober-Clean Warrior in Recovery - a beautiful leather-bound book with customizable pages for notes and personal journaling. Other merchandise is available to help raise awareness and show pride in sobriety, such as coffee/tea mugs, T-shirts, caps, print posters, wallet cards, and more.
  • Community Advocacy and Volunteer Opportunities - for alumni and supporters, a great way for Sober-Clean Warriors in Recovery to benefit community and develop healthier connections and peers, to find a path of service and develop a spiritual purpose.